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Crave the Unexpected™

We believe in living creatively.
It’s what motivates us to pursue the unexpected.

scoops of ice cream in blackberry crumble pint container

It’s why we craft super premium ice cream with surprising flavor combinations.

It’s why we’re committed to providing a platform to artists who create experiences that change people’s perspectives on what art can be.

And it’s why since 1973 we’ve been creating new ways to bring the world surprising and unique treats.

black and white storefront photo
Because It's not enough to just be creative, we want to contribute to making the world more inspired, one taste bud at a time.

Dan Lam at the ICA Boston

colorful goopy abstract art
We invite you to step inside artist Dan Lam’s world. This interactive experience will be unlike anything you’ve seen or touched or tasted before.

Sweet Tooth Hotel

ice cream neon lights
We’ve partnered with Dallas’ The Sweet Tooth Hotel to help foster art and creativity in the Dallas area. For this year’s “DISCOTECH” theme, we partnered with Jeremy Biggers to design an interactive, ice cream inspired mural.