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Crave the Unexpected™

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Whether it’s mixing flavors you’ve never considered or building experiences you never thought possible, we want you to look at life through a more creative lense every day.

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Ice Cream & Dairy Free

In 1973, we completely shifted the way people think of ice cream by making it richer and denser– a true indulgence. Since then, we’ve approached every flavor, no matter if it’s dairy free or ice cream, as an opportunity to inject more creativity into the world.


Featured Artist:

Dan Lam
Woman standing in front of pink and blue wall
In our pursuit of creativity and the unexpected, we’ve partnered with Dan Lam, an artist who encourages interaction with her pieces rather than keeping them behind velvet ropes. With every piece, she challenges herself and her audience to immerse themselves in textures, colors, and materials not usually found in the art world.
Dan Lam

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